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Your experience as the Operations Manager

You are the Operations Manager and you need to ensure the company is operating at peak efficiency.

Your back-office systems must be able to communicate with your eCommerce website.

Also, data should be able to flow freely between your web presence and your ERP back end. By tightly integrating eCommerce with the rest of your business, you can provide a customer experience that your competitors can’t match.

Gain a Competitive Edge by Transforming Your eCommerce Business

As the eCommerce market matures, customers are expecting a seamless buying experience from every retail vendor. Taking an integrated approach is what’s required to provide exceptional customer experience and support omnichannel commerce operations.

In The Best eCommerce Starts with Tighter Integration whitepaper, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the considerations and challenges of building an eCommerce business.
  • Build a business case that convinces your colleagues to invest in a robust integration to your back end systems.
  • Make more repeat sales and support them with efficient fulfilment.
  • Establish one unified platform for all transactions in all channels.
  • Build an eCommerce strategy for lasting success.
Meeting the Challenges of Multi-Channel Retailing

For companies that are used to selling through stores and distributors, taking orders directly from customers can present unique challenges. First, the nature of demand is quite different. Direct online customers tend to order small quantities or individual items rather than cases or pallets. In addition, the picking and packing operation is different—and is often difficult to carry out effectively when it is mixed in with the large shipments supported by existing warehouse operations. Integrated fulfilment, inventory management and warehouse management systems bridge the gap to provide intelligent put-away (goods placement), picking, and allocation of resources for performance and efficiency.

Many multi-channel (or omni-channel) retailers sell products on the web that are not stocked in their warehouse but are instead “direct shipped” from suppliers or distributors (transparently to the customer). Supply chain management tools connect the retailer’s order management and fulfilment system to suppliers’ systems to manage and account for this flexible operating structure. The result is multichannel retailing that ends in timely, accurate fulfilment—and it all starts with the right omni-channel retail solutions.

Today’s omni-channel retail software can help address challenges such as:

  • Inventory and Price Management. You must be able to know which products are available, where and when; identify fast- or slow-moving inventory, and adjust pricing and offers dynamically.
  • Fulfilment. It’s essential to get the product to the consumer as quickly as possible. Fulfilment can have a major impact on consumer confidence and loyalty.
  • RMA and Returns. This is a major challenge in multi-channel retailing. Managing this issue from the financial side can be especially complex because the returns can be damaged, returned to stock, or no return-credit.
The integrated eCommerce Platform = ERP + CRM + Websites

Acumatica has partnered with Kensium Solutions to deliver a fully integrated ERP, CRM, and eCommerce solution. The Kensium eCommerce Adaptor incorporates all the flexibility and functionality of popular eCommerce software, such as Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce. The result is user-friendly websites that create an outstanding customer experience while seamlessly passing information quickly and securely between the website front end and Acumatica.

This platform delivers the benefits of cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) without forcing you to sacrifice system customization, control, security, or performance.

Kensium integrated eCommerce Platform

Key Benefits
  • Leverage existing customer, product, inventory, sales, and shipping data from your ERP system to reduce redundant manual entry and increase throughput while reducing errors.
  • Streamline inventory synchronization, track updates, provide an accurate picture of inventory available to shoppers, and process transactions without having to hire staff to manage these tasks.
  • Notify customers automatically when orders have been shipped and allow them to track the delivery of products from a single portal.
  • Simplify price and product changes to inventory, such as quantity or promotional discounts.
  • Manage multiple online and offline sales channels to maximize revenue and profit.
  • Simplify overall operations even as you grow.
  • Meet tax requirements with automated tax compliance.

KPIs you may want to set up and monitor:

Operations Productivity

Product Production Costs

Product Quality

Product Line Profitability

New Product Time to Market

Supplier Costs

Transportation Costs

Transportation Delivery (SLA)

Sub-Contractor Performance

Capable-to-Promise (CTP) %

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Service Quality

Have a look at what Acumatica can do for the rest of the team...
Success story of Acumatica Cloud ERP Implementation
Tayse Rugs
Success story of Acumatica Cloud ERP Implementation

Why you should choose Acumatica.

Acumatica is an integrated financial and business management solution that helps you run your business more effectively. From accounting to CRM, Acumatica is an Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) solution that provides a full view of your company in real-time.

Best of all, you are charged by the resources your company needs, not by the number of users that access the system (like other ERP vendors do). That means that everyone in your organization can be granted access to the information they need for their role without incurring any additional expense to your business.

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