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You have an exciting eCommerce business that needs the core set of financial applications, fully integrated with customer management and operational software for timely and accurate financial data.

Financial management software provides businesses with a full suite of accounting functions to track daily financial operations and generate quarterly and annual financial statements. In addition, it provides tools for reporting, analysis, budgeting, and planning.
Acumatica Financial Management

Benefits of Financial Management for your eCommerce Business

Streamline Operations

Close your books faster with Acumatica’s time-saving automation and workflow. Efficiently handle month-end activities with fewer errors.

Single version of the truth

Gain accurate, real-time visibility into business activities and performance with financial reports and personalised dashboards that access the shared, centralised database (single version of the truth).

Work Locally and Internationally

Reach international markets effectively with cloud multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-company capabilities. Acumatica finance management software also offers localised functionality.

Manage Multiple Entities

Use Acumatica’s financial management systems to integrate financials across multiple business entities, including automated reporting, consolidation, payments, and cash management. Supports independent balance sheet and separate tax reporting.

Migrate Legacy Data

Users can migrate Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable historical data from a legacy system to Acumatica ERP, including open balances, original amounts, and dates, without affecting the general ledger.

Why Choose Acumatica for Financial Management?

Web-based accounting software is familiar and easy-to-use with browser-based access users will take to quickly, and allows access from anywhere, at any time, from any device with a browser. Industrial-strength security and access control let you sleep at night with no worries about the safety and availability of your sensitive financial information. You will definitely want financial accounting software that is designed and built as a comprehensive suite of applications. The real power and benefits of this approach is through the magic of integration. In a financial accounting software suite, data, activities, and information are entered only once, at the place and time that the events occur, in the application that is designed to enable that activity. Integration then passes the appropriate data to any and all other applications in the suite so that all are in sync. The data is consistent across the entire suite of applications, information is immediately available wherever it is needed, and full audit trails can trace back (drill-down) from the highest level summary reports right down to the original event or entry, including the date, time and location, user ID of the person making the entry, and any attached documents or comments.

Reporting, Dashboards, and Data Analysis Tools

  • Acumatica Advanced and Customised Reporting and Analytics

    • Each module comes with a complete set of identified reports, giving you access to over 250 standard reports that are most commonly used. Plus, Acumatica gives you the ability to create your own or modify any of the standard reports for a variety of roles and purposes specific to your industry or business.

  • Acumatica Generic Inquiries for reporting and analytics

    • Use Generic Inquiries to easily extract the data you need and make it available to multiple reporting and analytics applications. Generic Inquiries require no coding, so they can be used by anyone to display results in reports and dashboards, export to Excel, or present as OData for use by external applications.

  • ERP Business Intelligence and Analytics in Acumatica

    • Gather information from Acumatica and external data sources for analysis using Business Intelligence tools, such as Power BI. Additional Reporting Tools from ISVs enhance the reporting capabilities of Acumatica with certified third-party applications dedicated to your business needs.

  • Acumatica Customisable Dashboards for Specific Areas of Your Business

    • Create customised dashboards to display important information by the role in the company, individual departments, or specific people. The key resources can then view KPIs at a glance, and click on widgets to drill down for more detail. All dashboard elements are available for display in mobile applications.

Download the product sheet

Why you should choose Acumatica.

Acumatica is an integrated financial and business management solution that helps you run your business more effectively. From accounting to CRM, Acumatica is an Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) solution that provides a full view of your company in real-time.

Best of all, you are charged by the resources your company needs, not by the number of users that access the system (like other ERP vendors do). That means that everyone in your organization can be granted access to the information they need for their role without incurring any additional expense to your business.

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