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Your experience as the Operations Manager

You are the Operations Manager and you need to ensure the company is operating at peak efficiency.

Create a coordinated manufacturing plan for materials and resources

  • Setting the operational strategy for the organisation, including outsourcing/contract manufacturing, partnerships, material sourcing, and more
  • Working with purchasing to ensure quality standards are met and supply levels are maintained
  • Optimizing manufacturing and financial investments
  • Implementing industry best practices, including six sigma, KANBAN, and continuous improvement

Important Features of Manufacturing Operations Management

  • Critical Materials

    View production order shortages. Create purchase orders and production orders for the parts that are short from a single screen.

  • Labour Tracking

    Capture direct production labour to production orders by the employee. Enter and track non-production time using indirect codes.

  • Backflushing

    Eliminate reporting by backflushing labour or material when reporting the production quantity completed, useful when a company only wishes to record the production quantity.

  • Material Tracking

    Issue stock and non-stock materials and parts to a production order. Capture lot and serial numbers on controlled items.

KPIs you may want to set up and monitor:

Operations Productivity

Product Production Costs

Product Quality

Product Line Profitability

New Product Time to Market

Supplier Costs

Transportation Costs

Transportation Delivery (SLA)

Sub-Contractor Performance

Capable-to-Promise (CTP) %

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Service Quality

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Success story of Acumatica Cloud ERP Implementation
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Success story of Acumatica Cloud ERP Implementation

Why you should choose Acumatica.

Acumatica is an integrated financial and business management solution that helps you run your business more effectively. From accounting to CRM, Acumatica is an Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) solution that provides a full view of your company in real-time.

Best of all, you are charged by the resources your company needs, not by the number of users that access the system (like other ERP vendors do). That means that everyone in your organization can be granted access to the information they need for their role without incurring any additional expense to your business.

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